Friday, May 20, 2011

Narrow injury avoidance... a sign?

I started this blog to document a certain aspect of my life, namely my attempts at reaching various aspirations. I plan to compile the objectives I find success with, those I can never quite reach, and those that fade away without too much of my concern, all in an easily accessible place so I can kick myself in the future without any inconvenience. This is foresight at its best, really.

Targets at the vanguard currently include medical school and, of course, soccer glory. With medical school being something of a wait-and-see endeavor, my head is pretty much constantly occupied with the beautiful game.

The Title Explained:

Of course it could just be nothing, but being a youngster with a biologically inexorable sense of destiny, I like to imagine that my miraculous avoidance of catastrophe has some profound undertone relating to higher football forces. Maybe I am meant to be successful in the soccer industry. Likewise, I could be intended to pursue my childhood dream only to learn that something else is more meaningful or fitting for me. Most likely I just experienced one of the luckiest sports-related moments of my life. In any case, I am in pursuit of an excellent opportunity and I am trying to take a reasonable perspective, as challenging as my imagination may make it.

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